Seasons of Loss

Sirens clear the streets
in money city, where the
side alleys are like circuitous veins
in search of a pumping heart.
There’s no time for debating demerits,
so many go along for the ride.
Moments exist for each event:
confession, confrontation, repentance,
a new investment.
The pointlessness evokes
a uniquely nervous laughter,
and a desire to make future plans.
Rendezvous at the usual places
and regret how the weekend
always ends too soon.
Routines beget habit:
happy days are here again,
frequent customer cards are punched,
and yet it still costs more.
Life as souvenir,
words as evidence,
and a debit sheet that proves
the foolishness of
buying on margin.
Consider the long term
as if a given,
but the mournful notes
dying on the afternoon breeze
remind us otherwise.
Risk and reward
are not allies always,
and past results
are no guarantee
for antiquated dreams.

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